June 16, 2022

The Doll Den | A Business/Lifestyle/Branding Session

a day downtown with the dolls

Business/Lifestyle and branding photo sessions come in all visuals, locations, wardrobes and styles, whether it be straight from an office and behind a desk, to 'a day in the life' showing that company/individual at work in action, or just putting faces to names and getting out and about.

My recent group session with the popular lash academy The Doll Den in Eagle, ID is the perfect mood and vibe to start the summer. I always have a conversation with business owners and clients when they come to me for branding sessions; how do you want your staff and company presented? What kind of overall feel do you want for the final images as a whole? Rachel Masonheimer, owner/educator at the Doll Den, had group positivity, summer styles, and a casually hanging out feel in mind to represent the camaraderie of her staff, which I think we captured perfectly along with some separate personal head shots of each lash artist to put a face to a name. Introducing: Abbie, Kenna, Hailey, Rachel, Brooke, Lexi and Heather ;)

All images © Carrie Hampton Photography