August 25, 2023

Brooklyn | Junior Session

No..Sleep..'Til Brooklyn!

There's such a thing as junior sessions, too, you know that right? Even freshman and sophomore sessions! It doesn't always have to be some photoshoot portrait fun just for high school seniors. That was always in the back of my mind while shooting this, that every grade and every stage of high school deserves to be captured and documented, in ways that feature that student's style, personality and changes along the way

So I may have already had that Beastie Boys song in my head and planned for Brooklyn's photo reel before we even started shooting this lol (who wouldn't?!), and I mayyyy have photoshopped her Beastie shirt to go with it, but leave it up to fabulous Miss Brooklyn to follow posing direction perfectly and come through with the best energy, smile and attitude to make the session complete. I'm looking forward to seeing what her senior session brings.

All images © Carrie Hampton Photography