fight club

I put out an open model call inviting men from all walks of life to be at the shoot venue on a specific day and time to participate. I laid and taped carboard boxes crudely to the floor and turned out all the lights in our warehouse-like space at a friend’s massive gym.

The characters were so diverse and ranging in ages, ethnicity and looks, from a younger Jiu Jitsu coach to we a “pissed off business man arriving right after work” look.

My goal in both shooting and editing was to definitely capture that underground, gritty, sweaty all-brawl-out feel from the iconic movie. Shadowy tones, high definition skin perspiration and bruising, and realistic looking punch throwing and grappling.

We had a group meeting beforehand about what the guys could expect and how I would be directing them, and needless to say, if you give a group of grown men a reason to grapple and get down and dirty, they really don’t need any encouragement or convincing, haha.

All images: © Carrie Hampton Photography

Shot on Location at: Element Athletix Meridian