mad max | apocalypse

There's always a debate on which era of the Mad Max movies people like more; Mad Max Thunderdome with Mel Gibson, Tina Turner, Master Blaster? Or Fury Road with a buzzed head Charlize Theron and the truckload of virgins. For me it will always be Thunderdome, call me an 80's baby or just preference of cool characters, but for this group conceptual session I made it an amalgamation of both. Iron Bar with the bobbing Chinese head on his back, the virgins, both space age looking modern fighting cars as well as old desert rumblers, all the way down to Immortan Joe.

I cast 20 different models to fill the characters of the session and had so much help and participation from different car owners and vendors, as well as help from fellow photographers, it was quite the day. Many models even dove in to their characters and created their own apocalyptic wardrobe. I had never seen a shoot like this done before so to me, that was the inspiration and challenge behind this.

All images © Carrie Hampton Photography

behind the scenes & credits

mad max apocalypse: the making of

Disclaimer: I do not own the rights to this music it has been used strictly for storytelling purposes.

All professional photos: © Carrie Hampton

Behind the scenes photos and video courtesy of Adam Haines/Rachel Hope/Krystin Downes

MODELS: Laura Mason, Tavin Sheets, Victoria Piva, Lauren Gough, Christina Coulter, Glenna Watson, Cody Hess, Adam Haines, Raygan Marie, Tammy Justin, Heather Marrs, Angela Schlagel, Tehya Kai, Jonny Monza

Vehicles courtesy of Riff Raff fellowship / Lighting assist Bark Cepek