client closet

Carrie's female clients have full use and access to her studio wardrobe when they book a session, whether it be a styled session, boudoir, portraits on-location or in studio, a couples session with their significant other and so forth. Many women sometimes either don't know what to wear for their personal session, they get overwhelmed having to shop for something for a one-time use, or they want to be different and be featured in something glamorous they wouldn't normally wear. That's what makes a photographer's provided client closet so helpful and convenient; everything is provided for you and if a style you love or size is missing, 9 times out of 10 Carrie will simply acquire for your what is needed.

Majority of the time Carrie styles each client herself as many put their trust in her hands for their overall looks for their session. Over the course of many years of shopping at clothing boutiques in different cities, vintage & high end stores, as well as some gown donations from friends, Carrie has collected and curated a very diverse and lovely wardrobe for her clients; from modern glamorous to Old Hollywood starlet, to country and prairie vintage, to Victorian, and more. Some included designers are Halston,

Sue Wong, Jessica McClintock for Gunne Sax, Ui Maikai, and Betsey Johnson.