February 22, 2022

Hanah | Personal In-Home Session

hanah | A personal styled session


For this impromptu session in Las Vegas I wanted to incorporate several different looks for Hanah, she's so incredibly lovely and striking that she could pull off any kind of style, but we did some of everything; cozy casual in socks and a sweater, summer fun color with a tangerine strapless romper, femme merlot colored lingerie for boudoir, then some spunky short shorts and Vans for a quick backyard sit down. Every outfit that I style my clients and subjects in is meant to not only bring them out of their comfort zone and explore something new in some way, but to also remind them that there's a little bit of all of the above in all of us. Dress up, dress down, have fun, explore color, wear the funky yellow socks with betty White on them!

All images: © Carrie Hampton

MUAH: Hanah Alrashed

Styling: Carrie Hampton