October 18, 2021

Cain | Day In The Life

Cain Palacios | bad hombre

As much as I love the production of hair & makeup, wardrobe, creating a set and so forth, sometimes its cool to just be a fly on the wall documenting a fraction of someone's day in their specific space, without the added timeline and stress of delivering the aforementioned. Cain Palacios with Shape Shifters Car Club in Boise, ID builds Kustoms, and that's with a K! No digital gauges, no alloy wheels, just authentic classic automotive; like they were customized in the 50s.

He keeps it 50s and earlier as much as he can, all within a utilitarian yet cool workspace in his garage.

All his Kustoms must have full hubcaps and wide whitewalls, no exceptions, and must be chopped and slammed,

in keeping with his history. Staying with the tradition and style of Kustoms it’s what he really loves about his cars,

but chasing parts, building friendships and going to car shows is what he enjoys the most.

For Cain, this is a lifestyle and not a trend, especially since he's been working on cars since he was a teen.

So hanging back and just taking photos as he went about his work was a nice change from my normal sessions.

And since for YEARS cars like these went hand in hand with the Pinup & Rockabilly genre,

(which was 50% of my workflow for the first half of my career) this quick shoot definitely got some inspiration going.

All photos © Carrie Hampton