January 27, 2022

Styled Sessions for Sisters

cera & shelby | A sibling styled session

This session's tones were inspired by the Skims shapewear line and all the muted creams, beiges and deep browns that it consists of (weird I know but you never know when inspiration strikes and from what/where, so we go with it).

We went on location to the Bruneau Dunes for this one; with tents, lighting equipment, coolers, makeup, gowns, accessories, ladders, lotions and picnic tables in hand (don't ask lol). These sisters are SO lookalike that my main goal was to not only style them with individuality, but cohesively, as well. Same but different, if that makes sense. The winds and flying sand at the Dunes that day were brutal (what else is new), but with sessions like this where the team is in great spirits and having laughs through the whole thing and the sun is setting so amazingly, no problemo!

All imagery: © Carrie Hampton Photography

Wardrobe: Rooney Mae Couture / Skims

Styling/Accessories: Carrie Hampton

Makeup: the girls

Assist: Jeremy Hopkins

behind the scenes