January 10, 2021

Dark Cowgirl

dirt from the earth is

a cowgirl's glitter

I was approached by a very talented body painter to shoot a specific project she wanted to undertake; a modern cowgirl look of complete and total body paint. Jessi Jewel from California (and soon moving to Boise!) was in search of a specific model for it, as well. We needed someone lovely, fit, with no huge body tattoos, and obviously confident and willing to be the subject and viewed in this way. Nude but not. Body confidence and the ability to carry herself during the shoot and communicate expressively with her eyes was also extremely important.

I referred and recommended my friend Shelby and it was off to the races! Bodypainting started at 8am sharp, at Monica McKenna's hair salon, with a patient model and an artist with a vision. The tedious, meticulous process took 8 hours (scroll further down for some behind the scenes shots). Jessi also did Shelby's dusky makeup and the amazing hair was done by aforementioned Monica, who has quite possibly the best hair extensions

I have veer seen or touched and her ability to color & style hair is amazing.

Something else that was important to me was that this was a different kind of shoot, I abhor copying any other photographer's work/look/ etc. and have always prided myself on organic, different, unique content. So no, this was not the first body paint session to ever be photographed, but it was the first I have seen recently anywhere of this kind of overall look. I was so thrilled and proud to be a part of this collaborative girl team producing this kind of art,

and we are all in love with the visual results and its mood. We hope you. the viewer, are, too. In cowgirls we trust!

All imagery: Carrie Hampton (Instagram: @itscarriehampton / @chdollhouse)

Model: Shelby Smith (@smith_machine23)

Body Paint/Makeup/Concept: Jessi Jewel (@jessijewelartistry)

Hair: Monica McKenna (@monicamckennahair / @roseandbhair)

the making of & behind the scenes prep

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