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Dream & Glow Skin Smoothing

2 actions for the creating gorgeous, luminous

skin during your editing process. Easy to use brush on/brush off

techniques. One is for both indoor & outdoor shooting, giving

an overall smooth flawless look, the other is for outdoor images,

giving a youthful, glowing feel. Adjustment instructions included. For use in Photoshop. 

Easy checkout via PayPal, actions sent via E mail provided.

           $30. USD


Welcome to my website. There are 46 high resolution digital backgrounds in this package (an SOOC version for you to edit from scratch, as well as a version I edited), featuring scenes from San Francisco, Half Moon Bay, Maverick's Beach, Fisherman's Wharf, deserted roads somewhere in Nevada, to the beaches and gorgeous greenery of Waikiki and North Shore on Oahu. This package also comes with directions on how to use digital backdrops to create composites, drop backgrounds in back of your subjects, and transport your models and clients anywhere! Free firefly brushes for Photoshop are also included for a limited time! 
You can order your Carrie Hampton Digital Backgrounds Bundle #1 for only $70. ($3 a background!) via paypal at the easy checkout link below, and a Dropbox file will be emailed to you. Happy Holidays!